Auscrete Corp to set up shop in Canada

Auscrete Corp. ASCK (OTCMKTS)  has a facility in Oregon, U.S. that provides building materials for affordable housing construction.

The company produces highly thermal efficient concrete panels, which are heavily insulated, do not burn, are not subject to infestation of insects and are not affected by water.

Their focus on being environmentally friendly and energy efficient sees their concrete construction products created with cement and sand, which are raw materials. The company uses non-toxic biodegradable surfactant that creates the injected bubble aggregates. Another bonus is that the insulating value contains homogeneous integration of the cementitious product and XPS, which is re-usable by melting it down and reconstructing it.

“The product is a high tech product. It has a lot of good properties,” noted CEO John Sprovieri. “It is an affordable construction, $100 per sq. ft. (U.S. dollars).”

He noted that the average price per sq. ft. is $150.

Their production plants can build 300 homes per year bringing in revenues in the area of $45 million per year, per plant.

The building materials they manufacture can also be used for commercial construction and for other service buildings.

They can help design your floor plan and there are no limitations when it comes to architectural style, their website notes.

Their affordable homes are move-in ready and cost from $100,000 for 1,000 sq. ft. to $250,000 for a 2,500 sq. ft. home.

In a recent press release (July 2018) the company revealed it plans to put a plant in Canada. Sprovieri said it would be located in Ontario.

“It’s in the news all the time, the shortage of housing for people in both the U.S. and Canada and around the world of course, I see an honest market for it in Canada,” he added.

Their main focus for 2018 is to get their plant in the U.S. into full production and they hope to break ground in Canada in early 2019.

According to Auscrete’s website, the company plans to bring six more downsized production facilities around the U.S. within 1,000 miles of their target markets. Those sites could be located in San Antonio, TX, Merced, CA, Jackson, MS, Boston, MA, and Atlanta, GA.

Auscrete Corp. has been assigned certain proprietary technology in cellular lightweight concrete manufacturing. Auscrete Cellular Concrete (ACC) is based off refining a technology developed in Australia in the mid-1980’s.

This Australian product has been used all over the world for construction purposes, with Auscrete further developing it in the U.S. with their thermally efficient building system.


More information can be found on the company’s website at

Leanne Delong
Staff Writer for Equity IR

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