Captor Sells its MedMen Branded Retail Operations to MedMen for USD$31,255,353

Captor Capital

TORONTO, Feb. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Captor Capital Corp. (“Captor” or the “Company”) (CSE: CPTR; FRANKFURT: NMV; STUTTGART: NMVA; USOTC: NWURF), a cannabis-focused investment company, is pleased to announce that it has sold its two MedMen branded retail operations in southern California to MedMen for USD$31,255,353 pursuant to a stock purchase agreement entered into on January 9, 2019 (the “SPA”). Under the terms of the SPA, MedMen acquired all of the shares of ICH California Holdings, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Captor that held the ownership interests in both of its MedMen branded retail cannabis dispensaries. The purchase price was paid by MedMen with 9,736,870 of its Class B Subordinate Voting Shares at a deemed issue price of USD$3.21 per share. Odyssey Trust Company is holding 701,368 Class B Subordinate Shares in escrow issued as part of the purchase price. Of the shares held in escrow, 350,634 shares will be released from escrow on the 6-month anniversary of the closing date, subject to these shares being used to offset any indemnifiable claims under the SPA that may arise, and 350,634 shares will be released on the earlier of (a) the 6-month anniversary of the closing date; and (b) the occurrence of specified other post-closing events. Additionally, 1,051,902 Class B Subordinate Voting Shares issued as part of the purchase price are contractually restricted from trading for a period of six months from the closing date.
The SPA replaces and supersedes the definitive purchase agreement entered into between Captor and MedMen for the sale of Captor’s MedMen branded cannabis dispensary in Santa Ana, California for USD$16,229,567, as announced on November 16, 2018. The Santa Ana location is included in the recently closed sale to MedMen.
About Captor Capital
Captor Capital Corp. is a Canadian firm focused on the cannabis sector listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, the OTC, and the Frankfurt and Stuttgart stock exchanges. A vertically integrated cannabis company, Captor provides recreational and medical marijuana based products to consumers via its leading brands and dispensary locations. Listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, the OTCUSA, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Captor owns and operates advanced growing facilities which produce consistent high quality contaminant free marijuana for its customers, as well as other high demand cannabis based goods for consumption. The Company follows a strategy of acquiring cash flowing established companies and organizations with growth potential that require capital to scale. Captor currently has a number of revenue generating cannabis investments including the CHAI Cannabis Co. dispensaries in Santa Cruz and Monterey. The Company also owns Mellow Extracts, a highly regarded producer of cannabis extracts based in Costa Mesa, CA. Captor Capital is currently looking at additional revenue generating investments in the cannabis space and will be updating the market in due course.
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