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Ever since Bitcoin burst onto the scene a few years ago, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have become far better known and that has led to the development of some of today’s leading softwares. HTMLCoin is one of the software companies developing projects using their own blockchain. It is important to note that the people behind the cryptocurrency are working on myriads of exciting projects right now, dealing with Governments as well as private organizations.

The HTMLCoin Foundation has announced two partnerships within the last year and both projects present fantastic use-cases for blockchain technology. The first MOU was signed with the Kinsang’an Foundation while the second one was signed with the Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines. The thrust of the projects are clear; to make sure that the adoption of blockchain grows exponentially within governments around the world and among non-profit organizations. Ultimately, the mass adoption of blockchain technology is the goal of the HTMLCoin Foundation and if the company succeeds in this bid, it will prove to be a massive achievement, not just for them but for the entire blockchain universe.

The Kinsang’an Foundation consists of two clinics in the Philippines which use the DApp on the AltHash Blockchain called MyOffSpring. This is used to create digital birth certificates of all the newborn babies born within their clinics.

All entries are recorded chronologically to form an immutable chain and can be recalled with ease using the transaction hash.

The Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines is to use the AltHash Blockchain of HTMLCoin to optimise the storage of their personnel data sheets. The solution developed by HTMLCOIN team consists of an extra layer for the versioning and validation of the PDS data, in order to bring consistency and extra security to the whole process, as blockchain records are virtually “unhackable”.

This will benefit the Department of Science and Technology long-term and that is extremely valuable for HTMLCoin, as it will help carve a niche for the company in the blockchain market. Blockchain is not only about cryptocurrencies since the technology can have a wide variety of uses across a range of industries.

Many organizations have been set up in this particular industry and are discovering and developing innovative blockchain-powered solutions for a range of problems. Moreover, the possibility of securing information in a secured environment is perhaps the biggest virtue of blockchain technology and it is something that is going to grow at an exponential rate in the years to come. HTMLCoin has made giant strides in this regard and they say there is still plenty more developments on-route!

Consequently, the HTMLCoin Foundation has established itself as an innovative company with a range of exciting blockchain-based solutions, pushing the company closer towards the big players in the industry.

For more information on HTMLCoin and their projects please visit www.htmlcoin.com for more information on the company and www.althash.org to access the AltHash Web Platform which houses their DApps and web-wallets.

Written by: Ankit Singhania, contributing writer for EquityIR

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