Growing Investment Opportunities In Green — and Blue — Technologies

As an investor, you’ve probably heard companies use the phrase “going green” too many times to count — but have you heard of “going blue”?
“Tighter environmental regulations have expanded the market for companies that encompass not only the use of ‘green’ technology, but ‘blue’ — or clean water — technology,” says Alan Murphy, president of STW Resources, a Texas-based water reclamation systems integration company.
Now, environmentally conscious companies, like STW Resources (OTCQB: STWS), are positioning themselves to be potentially lucrative for investors.
“At STW Resources, we strive to compliment our [water] reclamation services with proven environmentally friendly tech,” says Murphy. “And, because of the way we have structured our business model, we can provide customers with the option to reclaim water without a large capital outlay.”
STW designs, builds, owns and operates, and then charges the customer by the barrel or per one thousand gallons. If the water quality doesn’t meet the required specifications that the customer desires, they don’t pay for the service.
“We will perform this same service for municipalities and industrial customers,” says Murphy. “The majority of municipalities in the U.S. are in need of wastewater facility upgrades but don’t have the money. STW will finance, own and operate for these municipalities so they can continue to deliver fresh drinking water to their citizens.”
Currently, the company has brought together a team of industry experts who have designed and built more than 250 projects around the world. They have extensive experience working with various state and local regulatory agencies, including the Texas Water Development Board, the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality and other environmental agencies in Texas.
“Companies are having to change the way they do business by taking into consideration numerous environmental regulations,” says Stanley T. Weiner, Chairman and CEO of STW Resources. “In this way, our company is far ahead of our competition because of our proprietary and environmentally sound technologies, and our ability to help clean up and reclaim useful by-products from waste in the oilfield.”
STW, however, is about much more than just water. The company also has its hand in oilfield service technologies as well. Shale oil and gas plays are substantial resources and could be the answer to future energy independence.
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