Investment Report Sees Potential Value in Colorado Silver Project

Viscount Mining Corp (TSX-V: VML, OTCQB: VLMGF) is a Vancouver-based mining project generator. Its strategy is to seek out and acquire properties that have potential to contain large amounts of silver, gold, and other valuable metals. Then it conducts new rounds of exploration to see what’s actually in the ground and to pin down what the property is worth.Now it appears that this approach is paying off big time for Viscount. The company was able to acquire a property in the historic Hardscrabble Silver District of Colorado that had been assessed in the 1980s as containing more than 50 million ounces of silver. The property, named Silver Cliff, hadn’t been mined at the time.Last year, Viscount conducted a new round of test drillings at Silver Cliff. The results recently came in recently and confirmed that the property has some of the highest levels of silver ore ever measured in North America.Stock analysts are impressed. According to a new equity research report from Alex Cutulenco of Ubika Corporation, “the enterprise value of [Viscount] could increase to at least $50 million, about five times today’s enterprise value.”Moreover, the company’s potential extends beyond just the Silver Cliff property.As Viscount CEO Jim MacKenzie explains in a recent interview with Stock-Sector, the company also has painstakingly acquired a valuable mining property in Nevada called Cherry Creek. Recent mapping and analysis shows great promise for gold and silver on that property as well.To fully assess the new exploration data and the historical records, Viscount has hired one of the nation’s top mining experts, Dr. Gilles Arseneau. Dr. Arseneau has more than a quarter-century of experience evaluating gold and base metal deposits everywhere from North and South America to China and Europe.Once all of the exploration work is done and the data is fully analyzed, Viscount will be looking for experienced partners to mine the property.


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