Medical Cannabis, Blockchain and AI

How Global Cannabis Application Corp is innovating the Internet of Cannabis
by Michael Kryton, EQUITY IR contributing writer

According to Brad Moore, CEO of Global Cannabis Application Corp (GCAC), the world view of cannabis is evolving beyond the perception of marijuana as it has been perceived (a recreational solution delivered via a joint, reefer, fatty, pot, ) to what it is becoming known as: a product with medical implications that are hard to ignore.It has governments, growers, and retailers working overtime to make it work.

Wherein many cannabis companies are focused on growing and keeping up with demand while tap dancing with joint ventures to glean distribution (while investors struggle to understand the market and the companies competing), GCAC (CSE: APP, FSE: 2FA, OTCQB: FUAPF), has found its path in reverse.

Let’s back up, so to speak, or rather, fast forward and then back up. CEO Brad Moore puts it succinctly. “Patient centric; better outcomes for medical cannabis patients. We started with envisioning the outcomes for the patient and drew a line back to where we are.”

Here’s where they are. Vancouver based GCAC is a global leader in designing, developing, marketing and acquiring innovative data technologies for the medical cannabis industry. They created the Citizen Green platform, the world’s first end-to-end, patient to regulator, medical cannabis data solution.

[GCAC created the Citizen Green platform, the world’s first end-to-end, patient to regulator, medical cannabis data solution.]

Perhaps an infographic will help investors understand what this means. In essence, GCAC established a vertically integrated concept within a 360 paradigm, which embraces cannabis, blockchain and AI.

What lives inside this world represented by the infographic are six core technologies: mobile applications, artificial intelligence, regtech, smart databases, blockchain and data driven digital rewards — all to qualify candidates for clinical studies. GCAC is creating the best digital experience in the cannabis market, a process they invested over $3M in so far.

The scope of this core is significant because it leads to the creation of a global depository of medical cannabis data through patient usage interactions, retail sales tracking, R&D and product grow inputs.

Most importantly, this data is used sell certified medical cannabis in regulated markets and help create confidence in doctors and new patients. Also, providing data helps grow the industry from 1 percent of 1 percent of potential patients to 2 percent of 1 percent.

Certainly, GCAC has found some very interested friends in very fertile markets, like the EU where 14 countries out of 28 have legalized cannabis. Already, countries like Germany have seen demand for medical cannabis triple in two years and is projected to reach €123 billion by 2028.

GCAC recently signed a Letter of Intent with Porto Group Global, a Portugal-based, private company with offices in Israel. The joint venture will establish a cannabis cultivation and distribution company in Portugal. Porto Group’s Israeli founders are accomplished capital market, real estate and business development experts with strong relationships with leading local market participants, municipalities and institutional investors in Portugal.

GCAC will contribute its Citizen Green Technology to the joint venture company including future technologies related to growing and distribution of medical cannabis. GCAC will provide medical cannabis expertise for cultivation and sourcing of raw materials, genetics and product licences. In addition, GCAC will contribute to ongoing business development with the identification and execution of acquisition opportunities, establishing distribution agreements into the EU and accessing growth capital to fund expansion and operations.

GCAC’s growth plan embraces several relationships; tech partners Intelligenta (Israel) and Green Life App (USA); GMP Grow Investments with EU-GMP farm (Portugal) and EU-GMP farm (Israel); and distribution through Sequoya (Poland) and EziPharma (Germany)

The relationship with Sequoya is particularly interesting because Poland itself has 13,000 pharmacies and Sequoya has relationships with 5000 of those retailers. The Polish market provides Sequoya and GCAC access to the more than €2.3 trillion total in the European Union.

Also worth noting, Shay Meir, a heavyweight in the Israel Medical Cannabis world is now GCAC’s Global Grow Manager.

[In the EU, 14 companies out of 28 have legalized cannabis. Germany’s demand for medical cannabis has tripled and is projected to reach €123 billion by 2028.]

What investors in the know are liking is the connection to Israel’s cannabis sector, which is more than well advanced.

Apparently, there are more significant announcements to come from GCAC, but we have already fast forwarded once. To learn more about GCAC, visit the GCAC WEBSITE. You can also review GCAC profiles HERE.

As Brad Moore summarized, “Data drives information and technology delivers data. By bringing together Blockchain and AI within the medical cannabis sphere, we can put the ‘medical’ into medical cannabis in a way no one else can.”

[“GCAC puts the ‘medical’ into medical cannabis in a way no one else can.”
– Brad Moore, CEO GCAC]

According to Moore, working backwards has its merits. Investors are thinking the same. One might say it’s the cannabis version of “Back to the Future”.

Michael Kryton
EQUITY IR contributing writer for Equity IR
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