A growing investment – regulated cannabis production in

News coming from Calgary Alberta suggests that buying stocks in a medical marijuana company is a sound investment choice. For investors who are looking to diversify into new markets, marijuana production is definitely something to consider. It is an investment that you can literally see growing in front of your eyes with the publicly listed company, Maple Leaf Green World Inc.


Their bold venture into responsible and regulated cannabis production began as a joint venture in California, taking advantage of the newly legalised recreational and medical use in that state. In two short years it has already exceeded its original projections.


Maple Leaf Green World is a publicly listed company on several markets in North America including the  the NEO and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Estimates by financial market commentators have the cannabis industry growing to around $US 20 billion by 2020. These figures cannot be ignored by those wanting an opportunity to be part of this fast-growing sector.


Vision and preliminary steps


Company director and visionary, Raymond Lai spoke about the strategic plans that have been in place over several years. These plans include continuing research and development to perfect a stronger THC content for the medicinal marijuana use and ultimately into cannabis oil production. Lai and his board have taken conservative steps along the way to build knowledge and infrastructure at a manageable level which has minimised exposure to risk.


The company has transformed from its roots as an eco-agricultural company that had been involved in greenhouse management. They had been providing expertise and infrastructure assistance for an agricultural program based in Canada in partnership with the Chinese government.


When China no longer needed assistance, Lai could see an opportunity to transform the company into a cultivator and processor of legal marijuana. He knew that his company was uniquely positioned to get a head-start on other companies, as they already had infrastructure in place when the legalization of recreational marijuana was passed in California.


With the vote in California in 2016 to legalize marijuana, Maple Leaf Green World acquired land and developed a production facility as part of a joint venture in Southern California. It has over 20,000 acres under cultivation, as well as several greenhouses for the propagation and development of plants.


Bubba Kush – Maple Leaf Green World’s Cannabis Engineer


Maple Leaf Green World has been fortunate to hire a leading expert on cannabis cultivation, Matt

Berger (better known as Bubba Kush) to develop strains that will be popular with consumers, as well as those that are well suited to cannabis oil production in the future. All strains are GM free and organic, as specified in the licensing regimes of both the United States and Canada.


With the planning and development well executed, the results are very promising. Maple Leaf Green World’s California facility has produced over 300 pounds which equates to around $400K turnover which is great start for a young company. Within a year, Lai expects total revenue from the California site to be over $1 million CND.


In addition to the California site, Maple Leaf Green World has secured land  in Nevada, close to Las Vegas. It will be granted the required certifications for licences to produce both recreational and medical cannabis within a 33,500 square feet indoor propagation facility.


Lai is optimistic that the tourist trade alone will create a big demand for his legal product for recreational use, now that it is legal. Las Vegas boasts over 40 million tourists a year, and this is expected to increase as visitors will come because marijuana is legal to use in Nevada.


Lai has positioned the company so that it can promptly respond to demand in various sectors, both medical and recreational. The production facilities will be able to process the plants into their medical components known as CBD (cannabidiol) without the psychotropic aspects of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) potentially contaminating the product.


Watch your investment grow


Investors are given the somewhat unique insight to see the new production facility actually under construction on the company’s website via time-lapse photography. The location of the Canadian operation in Telkwa, British Columbia has been strategically chosen as it is close to the Port of Vancouver. This opens opportunities as an export gateway to Asia in the future.


Their comprehensive and visionary expansion has been timed to coincide perfectly with the legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes in different North American markets. This gives Maple Leaf Green World a huge lead on these markets compared to other smaller operators in this sector.


Lai sees the Canadian plant able to expand the area under cultivation in coming years, to serve the growing demand from various new markets around the region and internationally. In this time period, due to the increasing acceptance of medical marijuana and a properly regulated recreational use regime, the stigma associated with previous black markets will fall away.

Investors looking for solid growth in a product that provides relief to much suffering via natural means, can find Maple Leaf Green World’s common shares being traded on the Aequitas NEO Exchange (the “NEO Exchange”) under the symbol “MGW” and on the OTCQB market under the symbol “MGWFF”.


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