Remedy Essentials Foaming Cleanser Recall – Bacteria

Health Canada has announced a recall covering 2 lot numbers of Remedy Essentials Foaming Cleanser. The action was prompted by the discovery of bacterial contamination in the product.

The cleanser comes in white 8-ounce plastic bottles. The affected lot codes are:

  • M05703
  • M06691

You can find the codes by turning your bottles upside down, as this photo from Health Canada illustrates:

Remedy Essentials Foaming Cleanser lot numbers M05703 and M06691are covered by a recall.

This photo, provided by Health Canada, demonstrates how to find the lot number for your bottle of Remedy Essentials Foaming Cleanser.

Health Canada says the product is contaminated with Burkolderia cepacia. It can be especially dangerous to anyone with a weakened or compromised immune system and is a leading cause of pneumonia in lung disease patients. The agency says there have been no reports of any infections caused by the product so far.

Around 10,000 or so bottles are believed to have been sold in Canada. The cleanser is manufactured by Medline Industries, which is a US company, and distributed by Medline Canada.

If you have any of the recalled cleanser you are, of course, advised not to use it. Return it, says the agency.

The product was on the market as recently as last month.

No US recall has been announced.


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