The Future of Drilling Canada: What Lies Below

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The Future of Drilling Canada: What Lies Below?

This year alone, drilling activity in Canada is expected to increase exponentially with companies like Equitorial Exploration (EXX.V) leading the charge. Recently, the Canadian company completed projects in Canada and the United States, and they don’t expect to slow down anytime soon. Back in January, they received a permit to drill at their Cat Lake Lithium Property and quickly got to work drilling and collecting samples.

What makes this company different than others in the sector, and what moves should investors expect in the coming months and years? Let’s take a look at some of their past accomplishments, and the key differences that make them a truly unique Canadian drilling company.

Drilling for a New Precious Mineral

When you think of the most precious minerals in the world, precious metals like gold and silver might be the first to come to mind. In actuality, lithium is taking over the drilling market with the demand skyrocketing for use in the technology industry. Lithium is one of the core components needed for batteries and other parts that devices from smartphones to electric vehicles to electric toothbrushes need to operate sustainably.

According to a report from Statista, the demand for lithium and lithium carbonate equivalents will reach 422,614 metric tons by the year 2025. Many point to the increase in electric vehicle production as a driving force behind the demand and expect that prices for lithium will remain firm in 2018, along with the next couple of years. This is great news for lithium drilling companies like Equitorial Exploration as they ramp up their drilling efforts in their four 100%-owned projects in Canada and the United States.

The Properties of Equitorial Exploration

Currently, Equitorial Exploration is aggressively developing four high-potential lithium projects with hopes to produce thousands of tons of lithium and its equivalents this year. The projects are the following:

The Little Nahanni Pegmatite Group

This is a 43-101 compliant lithium property in Northwest Territories in Canada. According to Equitorial Exploration’s investor presentation, the assays of the project have a peak value of 3.1% lithium oxide. They plan to begin drilling on the property this season.

Tule Valley Lithium Brine Project

This property is located in Utah, with the Honey Comb and Crystal Peak projects located close by. It is a closed basin with similar lithium-rich conditions to Clayton Valley, and sample from the project have been as high as 200 ppm of lithium.

Geriach Lithium Brine Project

The project in Nevada is a large closed basin located only 120 kilometers north of the Tesla Gigafactory #1, a producer of lithium-ion batteries for Tesla electric vehicles. At this point, geophysics and drilling work is planned to evaluate the potential for a mass brine deposit.

Cat Lake Lithium Property

This is the most recent property that Equitorial Exploration has begun work on, located in Manitoba, Canada, adjacent to the Cat Lake Mineral Project. It has a history of promising results, with 48 feet of spodumene bearing quartz drilled back in 1948.

Getting a Jump on the Competition

Regarding the Cat Lake Lithium Property, Equitorial Exploration wasn’t the first drilling company to make their way to the property—they were the first company to begin drilling, however. While their competitors focused on 3D models, and baffling historical data that upset regulators, Equitorial Exploration began drilling and they hit gold (or lithium in this case).

This foresight, and focus on getting the work done rather than projections is what separates Equitorial Exploration from its competitors. The company recently announced that they had completed their drilling program at Cat Lake Lithium Property. Final results from the project are still in the works, but from what they have announced thus far shows promising signs for the future of the area.

According to a press release from the company, they drilled a total of 1,256 meters in the area, with a total of seven holes at Cat Lake Lithium Property, an area directly adjacent to QMC’s Irgon mine in Cat Lake, Manitoba.

Right now, the company is awaiting the return the assays before further exploration of the area, but according to the same press release, the early results show the following:

  • Seven holes drilled in total, equating to 1,256 meters of material drilled
  • 6 of the 7 holes tested positive for potential pegmatite
  • The main lithium spodumene pegmatites is an estimated 33 meters in width, although the exact width has not been determined yet.
  • The primary pegmatite of interest lies approximately 120 meters below the surface or 138 meters downhole.

Experienced Leadership

To better understand the aggressive drilling strategies and recent success, you need to know the leadership of Equitorial Exploration. The executives all have extensive experience working with both public and private resource companies in different countries.

CEO Jack Bal has over 15 years of experience working in the resource industry along with the public markets. He has an extensive network of contacts in Canada, the U.S., and Europe, which helps the company secure high-level permits and contracts in North America. He is also skilled in raising funds with involvement in numerous multi-million dollar deals for resource companies during his career.

Director Buddy Doyle has worked for over 23 years in the exploration and resources industry, overseeing the discovery of gold and diamond. He takes a scientific approach to each of the projects he works with and has been recognized by his peers as an authority in the field of diamond exploration and kimberlite geology. He has accomplished what few geologists have ever done: overseeing two projects from initial discovery to the ultimate decision to mine.

CFO and Director Binny Jassal is an accredited and highly respected accountant and manager with over 20 years of experience working with public and private companies. He has worked in several industries including manufacturing, IT, and telecommunications. This diverse experience makes him an invaluable asset to Equitorial Exploration’s plans for future corporate growth.

Carey Galeschuk heads the current drill program at Cat Lake. He is a consulting geologist with years of experience identifying and drilling lithium bearing pegmatites. Under his guidance, the Cat Lake project is excavating lithium by the ton and will fuel the growth and success of Equitorial Exploration in 2018 and years beyond.

The Future of Equitorial Exploration

With the demand for lithium and its equivalents remaining healthy for the foreseeable future, Equitorial Exploration is set to be at the forefront of the industry. They separate themselves as innovators, with aggressive drilling strategies that focus on drilling now, not later. Their top-level leadership plans to continue developing and expanding their current drilling projects, bringing the highly valued lithium to manufacturers and producers across the region.


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