Cryptocurrency Debit Cards – A Comparison How does Paycent stack up?

From the time the Paycent Cryptocurreny Debit Card (PYN) was introduced not so long ago, reviews have been positive. The Crypto Wisser referred to it as “incredibly competitive”. TokenTops gave it a 4.5 star rating. As far back as 2017, forecasters knew that many fin companies were going to jump into a market boasting $150.5 billion in capitalization. Furthermore, predictions…

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Paycent Now Available At Amazon. The World’s First (and only) Virtual Crypto Card.


There are over 49,000 Paycent Cards (PYN) ( in distribution at this writing. Paycent, a division of Texcent, a Singapore-based company with offices in the Philippines and U.A.E, has made the first global Crypto Virtual Card available via their app, which you can get at the App store and Google Play. [The Paycent Crypto Card is now available through the…

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