The Internet of Beverages has a new Coin

How SUIC and iDrink are serving up the trillion dollar beverage market

It sounds simple. Create a cryptocurrency backed by the real economy of the alcoholic beverage industry. Distribute smart IoT beverage vending machines around the world. What you have is exactly what SUIC (Sino United Worldwide Consolidated OTC: SUIC) and iDrink Technology are doing as a joint venture.

The result? Drink Coin utility tokens. Consumers can now use them to buy beverages on the iDrink platform — meaning their beverage vending machines. Consumers can exchange Drink Coin to any fiat or digital currency worldwide. They can also send the coin anywhere around the world.

Each Drink Coin stores all the information about the beverage, while iDrink Smart Vending Machines manage real-time inventory information, track fleets of beverage suppliers, and offer a myriad of data about consumers’ habits and spending. ). iDrink can consolidate consumption data from beverage manufacturers and consumers alike, and upload the data to its blockchain-enabled iDrink Smart Vending Machines.

In addition, iDrink Smart IoT Vending Machines have considerable advertising value because they are capable of posting ads (body advertising, display screen video and image advertising and mobile payment advertising

SUIC’s role in this venture is to develop and implement marketing strategies focused on growth opportunities. Given that the beverage market is expected to hit the $1.9 Trillion mark by 2021, the opportunities will be pouring in, so to speak. The beer market, fueled by the emergence of motivated micro-breweries, holds much promise. In the US alone, beer sales hit $35 Billion in 2018 with a projected CAGR of 1.8 percent through 2023.

[The beverage market is expected to hit the $1.9 Trillion mark by 2021.]

SUIC’s experience and track record providing Blockchain services to five sectors including: “Logistics & Trade”, “Vehicle & Transportation”, “Finance & Coin”, “Medical & Healthcare”, and “Fintech” will serve the joint venture more than adequately.

The flip side of the coin is that vending machine operators may well see millions in revenue operating 10 or more iDrink machines. SUIC and iDrink will offer options for business partners:

  • independent operator (such as breweries, beverage merchants, distributors, dealers
  • franchisee of the iDrink Smart IoT Vending Machine (such as in hotels, restaurants, pubs, KTVs, supermarkets, shopping malls).

[Vending machine operators may well see millions in revenue operating 10 or more iDrink machines.]

Drink Coin is the world’s first cryptocurrency backed by an operational enterprise of iDrink’s smart IoT beverage vending machines business, a unique position that does not go unnoticed by investors. In a world of growing urbanization and disposable income, consumers thirst for new alcoholic brands will be well served by iDrink’s vending machines. The flip side of that coin is that, thanks to the iDrink interface, businesses and brands will have a new channel through which to reach consumers. By creating both the machine and the coin, iDrink and SUIC have assured themselves of a strong position within a market worth trillions, something that will cause investors to raise their glasses.

Michael Kryton
EQUITY IR contributing writer for Equity IR
Professionally, Michael has been generating ideas and creating all forms of creative communication for over 40 years: advertising commercials, corporate videos, web series, live corporate events and shows, and television documentaries, The writer-producer-director is also tapped as a strategic creative communications consultant. He continues to perform as a voice talent behind the microphone, as well as a performer on-camera and a composer-musician. His collaborative creative approach is a blend of art, science, and instinct.

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