Turning Mountains of Plastic Into Gallons of Fuel

Thanks to one resourceful company and an exemplary demonstration of green technology, one man’s trash can be another man’s fuel — literally.”We put plastic in one end, and liquid fuel comes out the other,” explains John Bordynuik, founder and chief of technology behind Plastic2Oil, a division of JBI, Inc. that turns unsorted, unwashed waste plastic into ultra-clean fuels that don’t need refinement.The Environmental Protection Agency reports that the U.S. generates 31 million tons of waste plastic every year, and 92 percent of that is dumped in landfills or incinerated — neither of which is eco-friendly. That, coupled with America’s continued dependence on foreign oil, makes Plastic2Oil (P2O) look downright magical.Maybe it is.JBI started developing their unique P2O process in 2009. After a series of tests, analysts determined the procedure to be repeatable in 2010, and the primary plant was established in Niagara Falls, N.Y.Now, an average of 86 percent of the plastic going into the processors is turned into fuel. To date, JBI has converted over 2 million pounds of plastic into ultra-low-sulfur fuel, including No. 2 Diesel, No. 6 Fuel and Naphtha, which is used in petroleum engineering. None of these fuels needed to be refined further. Given the national push to be more environmentally aware, companies are taking truckloads of waste plastics to JBI. Thus, in one move, participating companies can save money on otherwise expensive waste disposal and reduce the mountains of plastic in landfills.Not to mention, companies that supply raw waste materials help produce a scope of refined fuel products.If your company is currently sending a significant amount of waste plastic to landfills, please contact JBI at wasteplastic@jbi.net.For more information, please visit www.plastic2oil.com.


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